How I lost 50lbs And Stopped Sucking At Life

By: Ryan Magin
About: Changing my life and getting shredded

God I cringe looking at the pic of me at 240 lbs.

I mean holy shit what did I become. I am actually amazed I managed to have an attractive girlfriend while looking so damn fat.

But either way…

I set out a year ago this month to get as lean as I possibly could. I figured when I got to a point were I was comfortable showing a Instagram pic of me shirtless it was time I wrote about what I did to do it.

(Side Note: I am still cutting and shooting for 185 lbs and I still am highly self conscious about said Instagram pic.)

The journey has been crazy…

So much has happened in 1 year that it was emotional to write out all the stuff that happened.

I gotta tell ya..

If you set out on a journey like the one I did you change.

I am not just talking about your physique.

But you change as a person.

I will talk about some of my life events a little lower in the post but for now lets talk about my workout and diet that got me to each photo and weight.

October 2012 – I weighed 240 lbs and looked like shit

I followed a basic 5 day a week body building workout that my good friend Chris Barnard wrote out for me.

I am talking chest day, arm day, shoulder day etc…

==> A program like this is what I did

I also started doing slow incline cardio 5 days a week fasted (No food for 10 hours prior to cardio) in the morning as well.

I didn’t change my diet much I just cut out all Gluten and dairy products.

This was a pretty easy phase as I lost 20 lbs fairly quickly.

The next phase was a little harder.

May 2013 – 225 and a little bit of muscle

I took a huge step and I actually hired a physique coach. This was a small investment for a Skype consult with Jeff Alberts of Team 3DMJ.

I found them on youtube and all the people they coached were absolutely shredded.

So invested and haven’t looked back since.

Jeff actually taught me how to count my macros and manipulate my diet so I could lose weight while still living life.

The macros I followed were 300 carbs, 230 protein, and 70 fats.

We agreed upon a 20 week cut to get to 205 lbs.

This took a little longer as I had a few major life events derail me a bit.

(A break up with a 2 year long relationship kinda side tracks all diets)

But either way I got back on the horse and kept at it.

The workout I followed during this phase was Jim Wendlers 5,3,1 program.

I also did the boring but big accessory lifts after my bench, squat, deadlift, and military press.

This was a basic program that got me really strong.

My deadlift actually got over 500 lbs during this phase. I really liked training for pure strength and this was a lot of fun to follow.

But as I got lighter so did my motivation for caring about lifting huge weights.

August 2013 – 205 lbs and in a dark place

Once I hit 205 lbs a lot of weird things happened.

Mentally it was tough because i was very attached to being over 200 lbs.

I also really liked lifting heavy weights.

As you get lighter your strength will go down. This is a total mind fuck.

But I just kept on pushing following the 5,3,1 program as laid out.

Here is were things got weird.

My weight started to go up and I was packing on a lot of mass in my chest, shoulders, and back.

This was causing all of my newly acquired tailored clothes to not fit. This was not something I wanted.

So I lowered my macros and started eating 180 protein, 200 carbs, 70 fats.

I then hit up my good friend and expert at getting the lean GQ look Rusty Moore.

Rusty is the creator of the muscle building program Visual Impact Muscle. He is pure badass at helping guys get the lean GQ model look.

This is currently what I want.

I have gotten into fashion and like to be able to buy nice good fitting clothes without spending a lot of money at the tailor.

So I told Rusty my goal as I was currently back at around 210 lbs.

He told me to follow phase 3 of visual Impact Muscle and do intermittent fasting on Monday And Friday.

He also added that I workout and do cardio before eating on those days as well.

I don’t want to give away the workout I did as Rusty charges for his expertise…

But i will say it contains a lot of cardio and can get a little boring 🙂

==> Check out Rusty’s Program Here (This gets my highest recommendation)

So I have been following Rusty’s program as he laid out for the last 6-8 weeks.

My weight as of writing this is 193lbs.

As you can see in the pic I am leaner than I have ever been in my entire life. I also fit into all kinds of awesome clothes that I never knew I would even like.

I am gonna continue to keep cutting until I have a legit set of abs. I suppose it will take me to around 185 lbs before I hit that goal.

Once again being this light for me has been an adjustment.

I mean I can buy medium t-shirts lol.

But either way I wanted to write this for myself as well as the hope that maybe it will inspire someone to change their life.

So if you liked this please hit the little Facebook like button and share this page. My ego will thank you highly. 🙂

As for some life events that happened during the year long journey?…

At the weight of 240 lbs my business was in ruins. I felt like shit all the time and had no energy.

At the weight of 225 lbs I was in the process of completely reinventing my business and it was at a loss for what I even wanted to do with my life.

I had no clarity and no vision for what I wanted to do.

At the weight of 205 lbs I split up with my girlfriend of 2 years.

I knew I was in a dark place and instead of drowning myself in vodka I sought out help from my longtime friend Elliott Hulse.

He introduced me to a crazy form of therapy called Bio Energetics.

I am not gonna get into what we do during our sessions but the shit really works. Since starting to do Bio Energetics I have changed as a person.

Not only am I at the lightest and in the best shape ever. I am into a lot of things I never knew I even liked.

This has also given me clarity in that I now know exactly who I want to talk to with my writing and what I want for my greater vision.

I also recommend The Obsession Method and have plans for many other products to help guys Learn How To Use “Encrypted Language” To Hack A Woman’s Mind…

If you like any of what I am talking about in this post…

Talk soon,


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11 thoughts on “How I lost 50lbs And Stopped Sucking At Life”

  1. Hi Ryan!
    You are quick to write what’s on your mind and have curious view on things. Respect for the transformation you been through and good luck with the wash board abs! Keep an open mind and learn from your experience.

  2. Nice going. I need to do the same. I have been focused on strength for so long, but need to drop some weight. Thanks for the inspiration. Mike.

  3. Hey–great work! I am familiar with Rusty’s Visual Impact program (I bought it), so am curious what you mean here-“He told me to follow phase 3 of visual Impact Muscle and fast on Monday And Friday. He also added that I workout and do cardio before eating on those days as well.” You mean you went ahead and lifted plus cardio on those two fasting days, as well as lifting plus cardio on two other days with regular diet, for four total lifting/cardio sessions a week? And what did you do about eating on non fasting days? The two shakes and a salad diet? Thanks in advance, man!

    • i followed rusty’s phase 3 of his program as laid out.

      I fasted until after my workout and cardio on those days. I do 2 days on 1 day off (I keep the weights moderatly heavy and do cardio at the end of all lifting sessions)

      On all days my diet stayed the same, I followed an IIFYM appproach and eat around 200 carbs, 180 protein, and 70 fats.

      I havent done the shakes and salad diet as I want to maintain this look year round.


  4. Hey Ryan-
    You look great! What a transformation! It is so-o easy for things to go awry. It takes such a short time that before we know it, we’re at that place we didn’t want to be at and in record time. Time really does fly by at rapid speed. Hang in there and keep plugging away. And as far as your girlfriend, she looks within my friend, and you’re fortunate, because a lot of them don’t. Hang on to her. Again, congrats buddy. Gary

  5. Hey Ryan,

    Nice post dude. I know how hard it is to stay dedicated and to get to (and beyond) where you want to be. Rusty’s research really does work and the only part people are lacking in is the consistency of workouts and restraint when it comes to their diet.

    Keep going man, we’re all on that journey together under the same sky.

  6. Hi Ryan.
    Congratz on your results dude! 😀 You’re an inspiring living tool man!
    I have had quite a similar story to yours: In the last 14 months I’ve dropped 44 pounds of fat by trying several training protocols and mainly, diving deep into my nutrition. For me, my nutrition component has earned me 80% of my results.
    I DO appreciate all your emails brother: nice stuff, nice info and lots of fun!
    Keep going strong and keep in mind you’ve got a partner down in Mexico City who’s as crazy and passionate as yourself!


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