How To Lose 20lbs In 2 Weeks Using Insanely Effective Borderline Dangerous Methods

Awhile back I went on a bachelor cruise with a bunch of my friends, and to make the trip as memorable as possible i decided I might as well lose as much weight as possible in the shortest time frame possible to hopefully look my best come cruise day. This proved to be quite A fun, mentally challenging 14 days. The Diets name is The Atom Bomb and below is my before and after picture…

DisclaimerThis diet was done as an experiment on myself and is no way the most healthy way to lose weight, I must warn you that it is very taxing on the body and mentally challenging as well. with that said I fully believe in what I did and when followed the way I did it you will lose the weight you want very quickly.

To make this diet successful you need to have a basic understanding of why the workouts were so effective, I did 2 different workout programs throughout my 11 day span and followed 2 different diet programs as well…

I will explain the diet first…

Diet Guidelines

For 2 days out of the week I did intermittent fasting for 24 hours, I did this according to the guidelines outlined in Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat diet Manual. I also used th fatloss diet laid out in Visual Impact Muscle Building on my non fasting days.

I Started this diet on a Sunday and I ended the following Thursday this was easiest for me, you may want a different schedule.
I also drank 2-3 gallons of water everyday(this is very important)…

Here is an exact breakdown of what I ate each day:

Sunday at 6pm- Large salad mixed greens with 2 grilled chicken breasts, oil and vinegar dressing, cheese, onions, peppers, 4 hard boiled eggs, and seasoning. immedietly following this meal you will begin fasting until monday at 6pm.

Monday At 6pm- Same type of salad you had the night before, feel free to eat as much salad and chicken as you can.


8am- Protein shake with water, i use chocolate flavored eas brand protein bought from vitamin shop(what kind you use doesn’t matter).

2pm- Protein Shake with water

7pm- Same salad I ate on Sunday and Monday


8am- 5 egg white omelette with spinach, tomatoes, onions, broccoli, and hot sauce

4pm- Protein Shake with water

7pm- Same salad I ate the other days


8am- 2 handfulls of almonds, Protein shake with water

8pm- went out to dinner with my dad and ate BBQ pork(alot), broccoli, small side salad, and plate of spinach. After this meal I fasted untill Friday night at 8pm…

Friday – Saturday (START YOUR 24 HOUR BINGE DAY)

8pm to 8pm- I went to a work function with my mother and I proceed to binge for 24 hours, I ate so much bad food it was ridiculous, I also drank alcohol here is a rundown of what I ate in 24 hours in no particular order….

6 slices of cheese pizza 2 pieces of fried mahi mahi 2 snickers bars plate of fried shrimp 4 mini cheesburgers 3 eggs scrambled with cheese 3 pancakes with butter and syrup 2 sausage patties fried pickles fried buffallo chicken wrap with french fries.

Alcohol on friday night:(I am a big guy be careful drinking on no food) 3 yuengling beers 5 jack and cokes 2 shots of patron


11am- protein shake with water

6:30pm- 2 chicken skewers (roughly 2 breasts), 1 red pepper, 1 green pepper, plate of asparagus, and 3 meatballs. After this meal I fasted until Monday at 7pm.


6pm- Salad with chicken breast for dinner(same as all the others)


8am- 5 egg omelette, spinach, broccolli, tomatoes, and hot sauce 3pm- Protein shake with water

7pm- I went to Jimmy John sandwiche shop and had 2 vegetarian lettuce wraps, with tomatoes, avocados, light mayo, onions, and cheese. I also had 2 roast beef lettuce wraps with all the same toppings.

Wednesday (Carb up day for pictures on Thursday At 8am):

8am- 3 eggs with cheese, 3 pancakes with butter and syrup, A large biscuit with apple butter. 2pm- Chipotle burrito with Rice, chicken, pork, tomatoes, salsa, cheese, and sour cream.

3pm- Cut off all water intake at this time, make sure you finish 3 gallons before this time. 7pm- 3 eggs scrambled with cheese, 3 pancakes w/syrup, breakfast potatoes

9pm- 2 bananas 11pm- slice of cheese pizza Thursday:

5am- 2 more bananas

At this point you should be lean enough for a really killer set of pictures, a weekend at the beach, wedding, or whatever it is you want to look your best for.

The Workouts

I combined 2 different workout programs during this 11 day soan which is one reason I believe it was so effective, I highly suggest you purchase each of these system and study them to learn how to manipulate your body for maximum results. The 2 Programs I used and fully believe in are as follows…

1) Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded – This system I used every morning at 5:30 am, It combines a mixture of resistence cardio, and bodybuilding to help you really burn fat fast, I would even say its the only program on the market that builds muscle and burns fat at the same time.

==> Click Here For More Info About Lean Hybrid <==

2) Visual Impact Muscle Building – This System I used every Monday, Wednesday, And Friday at roughly 5pm during my 11 day span, I really like this program due to the fact you can really target in on how you want your muscles to look. The author Rusty Moore has a killer system laid out in phase 3 to really give your muscle that rock hard look(think Ryan Reynolds in the movie Blade).

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Here are the workouts laid out each day with sets and reps…

Monday Am:

1) Clean and Press 4 x 7

2) Bench Press 3 x 6

3) Front Squats 3 x 6

4) Curls 3 x 6

After each set sprint 40 yards and back, if you workout in a gym do 10 burpees chest to floor.

Monday Pm:

1) Incline Dumbell Bench 6 x 3

2) cable cross overs 5 x 5

3) Low Cable rows 5 x 5

Treadmill- 15 minutes of intervals, start by walking 3 minutes at 3 MPH then proceed to do 5 to 7 sprints at roughly 7-9 MPH(or whatever is safe for you).

Tuesday Am:

1) Dumbbell Snatch 4 x 3

2) Overhead Press (Barbell) 3 x 6

3) Deadlifts 3 x 6 4) Upright rows 3 x 6

5) Bent Over rows 3 x 6

6) Abs 2 sets

Sprint 40 yards between each and every set if in gym do 10 burpees chest all the way to floor.

Wednesday Am:

1) Incline bench press 4 x 12

2) Chinups 4 x 12

3) Band Pushups or Feet Elevated 4 x 10

4) Dumbbell Rows 4 x 10

5) Various Shoulder 4 x 10

This workout was a very light workout and really low intensity.

Wednesday Pm:

1) Various lateral raises Front, Back , and Side 10 x 5

2) Tricep Pressdown 6 x 5

Treadmill- 15 minutes of intervals, start by walking 3 minutes at 3 MPH then proceed to do 5 to 7 sprints at roughly 7-9 MPH(or whatever is safe for you).

Thursday Am:

10 100 yard sprints with 2 minute rest between each.

Friday Am:

1) Flat Bench 4 x 15

2) CHINUPS 4 X 10

3) Band Pull Aparts Or Face pulls 3 x 20

4) Band Snatches or upright rows 3 x 20

Saturday: Off Day

Sunday: Off Day

Monday Am:

1) Deadlifts 3 reps every 20 seconds For 15 minutes

2) Benchpress 3 reps every 20 seconds for 15 minutes

3) Curls 3 reps every 20 seconds for 8 minutes

4) pressdowns 3 reps every 20 seconds for 15 minutes

Monday Pm:

10 Dips

5 Pullups

20 Pushups

10 Band side lateral raises

Do this 5 sets as fast as possible… Then I did 4 40yd sprints with 2 minutes between each one, then a mile jog after. Tuesday Am:

1) Clean And Press 3 reps every 20 seconds for 15 minutes

2) Squats 3 reps every 20 seconds for 15 minutes

3) Bent Over Rows 3 reps every 20 seconds for 8 minutes

4) Chinups 3 reps every 20 seconds for 8 minutes

Wednesday Am:

1) 150 burpees (chest to floor with jump)

2) Hanging leg lifts for abs 3 sets of 10

Thursday Am:

1) Bench 3 x 15

2) Chinups 3 x 15

3) Rear Delt raise 3 x 15

4) Facepulls 3 x 15

5) Renegade Rows 3 x 10 (5 per arm)

That is all for the workouts, make sure you use your head and be carefull with the intensity of this program with an extreme lack of food. You will struggle to do these workouts due to lack of carbohydrates, so once again USE YOUR HEAD, and be safe.


I did use a few supplements during this 11 day transformation, the main 2 being creatine and an extremely potent fat burner…
For creatine I used a plain basic vitamin shop brand, nothing fancy. I took 1 tablespoon after every workout leading up until I cut out my water, this will help your muscles from getting flat while dieting so hard and eating no carbs.

The extremely potent fat burner I used is a mixture of an over the counter fat burner called ECA and a asthma medication called bronchaid. The ECA can be purchased from any online supplier and some vitamin shops, the Bronchaid is purchased from CVS pharmacy and it is behind the pharmacy counter.

Here is A short video that explains the fat burner…

The ECA is now out of stock, I recommend the alternative: Puravive.

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