[Youtube Vid] The Death Crawl

What’s up,

I was watching the movie “Face The Giants” last night…

If you haven’t seen it is a very motivating underdog type
of football movie.

Really inspiring.

There is one scene though that really makes me get pumped
every damn time I watch it.

The head coach is trying to display the power of a good leader
and singles out one of the guys…

He puts him in a blind fold and then has him get into a bear
crawl type position on the ground.

He then tells a smaller guy to get on his back…

Then tells the guy to start crawling.

He gets to the 20 yard and you can tell he is struggling.

Coach is encouraging him…

He keeps going.

He gets to the 50 yard line now he is really struggling and
telling the coach he wants to quit.

The coach keeps telling him to keep goin and he does…

Now he is around the 80 yard and telling the coach he cant go anymore
but the coach is telling him to keep going…

He does.

He gets into the the other end zone and collapses…

The coach removes the blind fold and tells him how far he just went.

He was shocked.

He only thought he could go maybe 20 yards.

He went 100…

This is the power of having faith in yourself.

By him not knowing how far he had gone he was able to turn
off his brain and keep moving forward.

Thats is why the mind is so powerful.

You can keep going even when things seem like you can’t.

So if you are letting some sort of excuse stop you from achieving
your goals right now…

It is time to step up.

Put your blindfold on and keep going.

Your mind is the only thing stopping u.

==> Here is the scene on youtube I am talking about

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P.s. once you have a plan to follow, just follow it no matter what.

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