Your Inner Mutant

What’s up,

I was just reading an article that came thru my Facebook
news feed…

It was called 6 Real People With Mutant Superpowers…

It was really a good read but the thought of being a
mutant kinda got me thinking…

I mean how cool would it be to be a real life X-Man?

What power would you want?

I am kinda partial to wolverine…

I think being infused with metal would be kinda cool.

I mean if you think about it…

Building muscle share a lot of the same benefits as
being Wolverine.

For example:

Building muscle raises testosterone levels.

Wolverine is portrayed as being lean, muscular fast and
explosive all signs of high test levels…

Building muscle also helps the regeneration process.

Wolverine is infused with Adamantium which makes
his recovery ability almost instant.

Now obviously we all can’t be infused with metal but
we can raise our test levels by lifting…

besides the obvious cosmetic benefits there is a whole
lot more going on inside us when it comes to lifting

I mean here is a quick article on how building muscle will
make you look 5-10 years younger.

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So keep lifting weights and work on bringing out
your inner mutant :)

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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