Your #1 Priority As A Man Is This…

tumblr_m9bypf00gb1repa37o1_500You’ve been working your ass off for some time now.

3 months? 6 months? 2 or 3 years?! Every day there’s been a grind, some challenge to push through, a plateau to break. All the sweat you’ve drenched just to get that last rep…you’re a machine.

Maybe you were trying to put on some muscle, or perhaps take off the freshmen 40 that’s been sticking around the last 15 years. Whatever your initial goal…you’ve hit it.

Kudos my friend. Not many people set out a plan and actually reach it. Especially in terms of aesthetics…the journey is so long and tedious, many give in to its strains and settle for less. I’m glad we’ve weeded out the weak and drawn you to this article.

Let’s get down to business though.

What’s the most important thing to the human species? Any species really?

Survival. Put into other words, reproduction.

That’s right. Our #1 priority as humans is not to earn a promotion, win a title or make momma proud. The bare bones of it all is that we need to continue our race. Keep them strong, happy and in good health.

I can imagine that’s something you want to be a part of eh? It’s really not so hard…where the difficulties present themselves is when you try to incorporate the second sublet of our mission, “strong, happy and in good health.”

If you’re working out to look good, you’re working out to be attractive. Who are you attracting? Women!

Women are the key piece of the puzzle that YOU have not yet tapped into (excuse the pun).

Here’s the problem:

We start in a position of weakness. Just walking into the gym is a struggle for most people, let alone making the trip day in and day out for COUNTLESS hours until you finally start to see some BIG results.

You’re insecure…and weak. But you know what, that’s fucking awesome! Why? Because you still go in there whenever you can and WORK towards making a change. “That’s how winnin’ is done!” (Rocky reference).

As we transform our bodies into a super strong badass Brad Pitt looking mother fucker though…it’s not uncommon for our personality to lag in comparison to our physical being.

You got the body of a superstar, or an at least above average individual. It’s time to start acting with confidence about the way you look.

Women will flaunt at a truly confident man. Reason being is that confidence portrays strength, protection and adventure. A man who is not scared to make a move is a man very likely to win the jaw dropping girl just across the room.

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If you’ve ever been to a bar/club or some social setting, you’ve probably seen some of the most beautiful women standing around by themselves. Why is that? Confidence.

Most men lack the confidence to go up to such a woman and buy her a drink…ask for her number.

That changes today with you. BECAUSE of the work you’ve put into your body, you have no more reason to shy away from this situation.

You’re automatically giving off good vibes when you walk into the room with a good looking body. You obviously take care of yourself, eat right and work hard. 3 things women deem hard to find in a man. Use that to your advantage.

The reason this is so important is because you are now “entitled” to approach attractive women. This is your reward, take it for what its worth. You’ve put in the effort. It’s like your training for competition. You work, work and work your ass off. Come game day, all the work is done, you simply have to PERFORM.

The countless opportunities that you could’ve gotten your dream girl have subtly slipped from under you in times past. You have the gift now though of making yourself truly happy by daring to go after a girl who really drives you wild.

If she says no…please. Don’t sweat it. There are well over 7 BILLION people in the world. Don’t let a bad apple get you down. Some girls are just “too good” for anyone to cross their way. Nothing to be discouraged about. Because the woman you’re after is there waiting for someone to pounce on the energy that rages between them.

You’re the man. Make it happen.

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