You Have No Clue

What’s up,

I am unwinding from an epic weekend today.

I actually just spent an hour or so reading and catching
up on my favorite blogs.

I like to stay diverse in things from music, weightlifting,
and even bits of psychology and social dynamics.

I always like to have good things to talk about :).

You see Friday i spent all day in nothing more then shorts
and converse.

I never put a shirt on once.

I also didn’t care about what foods I ate, or how much
overpriced beer I drank.

Heck I actually spent 22 bux to fill my back pack with
little shooters of vodka and whisky.

You see I was heading to the Van’s Warp Tour.

If you don’t know what Warp tour is a quick Google search will
show you…

“The Warp Tour is a touring music and extreme sports festival.”

It has a line up of over 50 bands that are all of the alternative/
hardcore genre.

I like to go every year.

To me there is nothing that makes you feel alive then having
hundreds of people all enjoying one common thing.

We are all there to just enjoy the music.

I  mean it fascinates me that you can pack what seems like
hundreds of thousands of people in a confined space….

Fuel them with carnival food and overpriced beer…

And still see everyone enjoying the same thing.

No one really had a care in the world.

They were just in the moment enjoying the music.

Things like this make me reflect…

I am really anal when it comes to tracking my workouts and
my diet.

So naturally it was a release to just not really care for a

A recharge of the batteries one could say.

But even I cant indulge that long…

A dinner party with my girlfriend saturday night proved that
too me.

It was a formal dinner party and most everyone was dressed

I take these types of events as a chance to try my best
to look better then every guy in attendance.

Call me arrogent.

But I nailed that on Saturday night.

I was rocking a fully tailored outfit and topped it off with
some white wingtips.

Naturally whenever I wear a tailored outfit I get compliments.

But one compliment sparked a full out hour long convo
about what the heck a caloric deficit is.

I had a few Vodkas in me at this point and was asked what type
of diet I follow.

I said I don’t diet I just track everything I eat.

He was taken back a bit.

He then stated he had been losing weight from eating in
a caloric deficit.

I asked how he knew that?..

He said he is only eating 1,000 calories a day.

I responded…


You must be hungry :).

I then said well what have you eaten today?

He fumbled for awhile and said a salad.

I responded with you have no idea how many calories you ate.

That started me on my rant about the benefits of just
knowing what is in your food and tracking using free tools
like my fitness pal.

I whipped out my iphone and brought up my daily meals
and showed him.

My point to this whole rant was to show him that unless you
know exactly how you body functions and what calorie levels
you have the most energy at…

Then there is no way for you to know if you are actually in
a deficit.

And by just cutting your calories to 1k a day….

Yes. Will make you by default lose weight.

Doing that for extended periods of time will just damage
your metabolism.

After all…

As men our goal is to have the lowest body fat…

With the most amount of muscle.

So I urge you…

Before you go and cut your calories to nothing in hopes
to finally see your abs.

Take 7 days and monitor and track everything you put
into your mouth.

Take note of how you feel.

What foods you decided not eat because you actually read
the label.

Then after a week…

Decide whether you feel the need to go on that extreme
cutting diet.

My guess is you will be shocked.

Talk Soon,


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