You Are Your Own Health Insurance

hospital-bill1What’s up,

You crushing this Monday and attacking this week like a boss?

I hope so…

I just read a terrible statistic.

I was reading a news site and saw they quoted that as of right now roughly 78 million are obese.

Holy shit.

That’s not just s little overweight…

That’s OBESE.

Freaking ridiculous.

Add in how many people that are just “Fat” and I bet that shit is over a billion.

This should excite you?

I am all about helping the world get in shape…

But I also like to hook up those that are close to me.

Since you read my emails…

I want you to have the inside edge on all things that can make you awesome.

So rest assured…

By knowing me you are on the inside.

I like being one step ahead of the curve.

I like sharing those steps with my close friends :).

So back to the statistic…

In further reading of the article…

It said many of those said 78 million americans are mad because their insurance wont cover weightloss surgery.

That is weak.

I find it disgusting that we even offer that type of surgery.

It should be called Lack of self discipline safety net.


Wanna know what the best health insurance is?


You start by eating healthy.

Make sure you hit your macro nutrients and your essential micronutrients.

I mean i don’t thoroughly enjoy blending up spinach and greens into blender 2 times a day but man I feel great after.


Make sure your hormones are in check.

Read my article here about things that are secretly lowering your testosterone.

and if need be…

Get your levels tested.


Get your but in the gym.

Follow a program proven to get results.

I am partial to my GQ Body program but really anything will work if you put in the work.


If you have a little weight to lose then you need to be doing regular bouts of cardio.

If you are carrying quite a bit of weight…

Then focus solely on cardio until you get down a significant amount of body fat then bring in the heavy lifting.

Need a good little program to follow for cardio check out my Walk Your Way Ripped.

That’s it folks.

Do those 3 things and you are your own health insurance.

You will never have to beg the government to help you lose weight.

So go out and make today your bitch.

Talk to you tomorrow,


Ryan Magin

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