Why Your Resolutions Will Fail

What’s up,

So today is December 31st.

Tomorrow is the start of the new year.

Everyone and the brother is going to be making unattainable new year resolutions.

I can pretty much guarantee 99% of them will fail at completing these said resolutions.

It sux…

But it is the truth.

Why would I say this?

Because most people are going to be looking for the quickest way to accomplish their goal.

INstead of just sucking it up and setting out to bust their ass.

Most people will opt to find the shiny object.

The ruth is the shiny object doesn’t exist.

If you say to yourself…

“I need to lose weight. I am gonna start tomorrow…”

Then I must ask you…

Why wait till tomorrow?

Hit the gym today.

Then go out and enjoy your evening.

The hit the gym tomorrow.

The cycle isn’t hard.

Just commit to busting your ass this year.

Don’t skip workouts.

Don’t let your diet get out of control.

Just keep being consistent.

Like I talk about in My Book The GQ Body.

Consistency is the secret.

Keep training day in and day out.

Then look back at 6 months and look at your progress.

I know you will like what you see.

If you need a simple and easy to follow program to start with today…

==> Check out my GQ Body Program.

It will make you look awesome.

Talk Soon,



Ryan Magin

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