Why Your Girlfriend/Wife Hates The Way You Look

What’s up,

So I want to drop some truth on ya today…

I got a really good response from my email yesterday…

If you missed it ==> How To Be The Coolest Guy In Room

But today I want to touch on a subject that hits pretty close to home.

At some point…

If you don’t actively prevent it…

Your girlfriend or wife will start to hate the way you look.

These are the facts.

It happened to me, and it could happen to you.

I am just glad I can help share my experiences with you to hopefully prevent this from happening to you.

For starters…

Ever heard the expression…

I got comfortable in my relationship?

What that usually means is you got a little out of shape and stopped working on keeping the attraction alive that you once built with your significant other.

This is a huge relationship killer.

ice-creamThis usually creeps up on you slowly in the form of many nights watching movies and eating ice cream on the couch.

Do not let this happen.

I repeat…

Do Not let this happen.

Your physique is the one thing you always have control over.

Always keep that in check.

I don’t care what anyone says looks do matter.

If you let yours slip there is a good chance she will be thinking about other options.

(I am not saying all will act on these feelings. But I sure as hell don’t want my women thinking about another dude.)

So seriously…

Stick to your diet and follow a good program.

I am partial to my program The GQ Body and Walk Your Way Ripped.

Both of them are designed to make and keep you looking awesome.

The next reason she most likely will lose attraction with you is how you are currently dressing.

Like I spoke about yesterday…

Self confidence is huge.

When you’re confident, you are attractive. This is a cold hard fact.

The easiest way to instill confidence in yourself today is buy dressing better.

Use this to your advantage.

Ditch the boring ass khakis.

Hell burn them.

Up your style game and start learning about how to dress well. If you don’t a well dressed guy like me will be on your womens mind.

I really like this guide to get you started in the basics of dressing.

Either way you can take this info and run with it…

Its up to you.

But once you realize…

Holy shit I got comfortable…

It will be too late.

Talk Soon,


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