Why You Should Tailor Your Clothes

Whats up,

I wanted to share with you a revelation I have had as of late…

That revelation is tailoring my clothes.

Yes I am talking about your dress shirts, and heck I have even
starting taking my t-shirts to get fitted.

Some may think this is weird…

But I can honestly say that nothing has done more for my image
and self confidence then putting on an outfit that is dapper as

Dapper if you don’t know means appearing neat and trim in your

So I am gonna challenge you for a sec…

go to your closet…

Find your best looking dress shirt…

and take it to your local alteration shop.

Have them make it fit snuggly against your body.

Tell em to take in the torso area and the sleeves.

I actually told mine I wanted them to fit like Tony Stark from
Iron Man..

I know I am weird lololol.

Either way you will get the shirt back in roughly 3 days.

Then put it on and go out for the evening.

I can guarantee you that a number of things will happen.

1) Your friends will ask you why you are so dressed up.

2) Bartenders will serve you first.

3) Women will compliment your outfit.

4) You will feel like a million bux.

5) people will respect you more.

6) People will tell you that you look like you have been lifting weights.

I can go on and on but If you haven’t gotten a shirt tailored you are
gonna be hooked.

Now it does cost a little bit for a good tailor.

I pay about 15 bux a shirt to get mine done.

But it is hard to put a value on self confidence :).

Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you.

Talk Soon,


P.S, if you already have nice clothes and want to talk to women
a little better ==> watch this video

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