Why I Hate Crossfit

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One of the things I despise about Crossfit is there lack
of progressions in their programming.

Just like any type of lifting…

If you spent time learning technique and then periodizing
your workouts you will see gains much faster.

(This excludes newbies because everything works when
you first start :)

Take for example the heavy reliance on Olympic lifts in
Crossfit WODs…

If you spent time and developed a plan of attack to improve
your snatch for 30 day…

Just think how much easier a WOD with 30 snatches at 95lbs
would become?…

This is the power of progression.

Heck even a workout that calls for 100 pull ups take a plan
of attack…

Week 1 – 50 pullups total
week 2 – 60 pullups
week 3 – 70 pullups total

see the pattern?…

Just think of the muscle that is also being built as you

That is why I really like my buddy Travis’s new program
The Badass Blueprint…

He has taken Crossfit and broken it down into progressions
to help anyone of any level get killer conditioning and overall
body strength.

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Think of this as like a Hybrid Crossfit.

I mean in my interview with Travis yesterday he stated that
even the top Crossfit athletes don’t follow the typical programing.

Kinda makes you think…

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I also want to add…

You can grab Travis’s program for a big discount until Midnight
Tom night.

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P.S. if you missed my interview with Travis yesterday CLICK HERE

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