I get a ton of emails into my email box and it seems almost daily someone
is bashing good ole card into the ground.

I get it…

The topic of Slow cardio is not as cool as the next shred master 3,000
fullbody circuit guaranteed to incinerate fat in 5 minutes or less.

But damn…

I wanna stand up for my boy Slow Cardio as he is a very reliable friend
that is always their whenever you need him.

Look I am just here to share my ideas and experiences with you guys
so it is up to you take my advice and do what you wish…

But one thing I will stand by is if you want to get lean in a hurry the
so called “Metabolic Circuits” everyone is shoving down your
throat is not the best option.

If you want to get lean… It is time you Manned Up and and spent some
time on the treadmill.

I am talking setting that bad boy to a high incline and start trucking every
single morning.

Try to do it 5 days a week for 90 days.

I promise you the results will make you stop and go “Damn. I look Good.”

Yes I know this type of thing is not easy.

It takes sheer dedication to get up an hour and a half earlier every morning
and walk on the treadmill.

It takes even more dedication to go to the gym when you get off work
the same day and bust your ass Bodybuilding.

But for those brave enough to try, the results may just shock you.

I mean heck…

If i didn’t experience killer results doing the exact thing I wrote above I
would still be on the “Cardio Sucks” band wagon.

But screw that…

I have tested it on myself, and I have become a believer.

So I challenge you.

Start tomorrow.

Wake up, grab your ipod, and walk for 40 minutes.

Try it out.

Thank me in 90 days.

Ryan Magin

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