What Your Body Is Saying About You

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I always like to observe people…

This happens while I am out eating lunch, at the bar, or my favorite place the airport…

You can tell a lot about a person by how they carry themselves.

Are they in really good shape?

Are they overweight?

Are they full of energy?

Are their shoulders rounded and head pointed forward?

Do they have good posture?

All of these things speak volumes about their character and mental state.

One of the key areas I feel 99% of men lack in this world is a good amount of self confidence…

(I talk about the importance of self confidence ==> in this article)

But beyond that low self confidence is most noticeable in a guys ability to talk to women.

Or for the married guys…

The amount of attraction he holds with his wife.

This is clearly evident in the amount of sex they have in their relationship..

(I talk about the importance of Sex and your testosterone ==> In this article)

Now if your self confidence is low you will never be able to attract a women.

This goes far deeper then just being in very good shape.

I have seen guys in awesome shape completely tank when it comes to talking to a women…

I have even heard of stories of Wifes cheating on husbands that are jacked with other men that are not in great shape.

Honestly the dynamics of attraction have nothing to do with how in shape you are…

It has everything to do with how you feel about yourself.

That is why finding yourself and striving on constantly improving you is so damn important..

This includes all things…

— Strength training
— Reading books
— Continued education
— Bio Energetics (I will talk more on this soon)
— Clean and healthy eating
— Having a good social life
Having A good sex life

All of these things help you become a complete male.

So i ask you this?…

What are you doing to improve yourself today?

Do you want to feel better about your self and get better at attracting beautiful women?

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The good thing about self improvement stuff is most of it is instantly actionable.

This means unlike a workout program that takes a few weeks to see results.

This stuff works today…

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Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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