What She Thinks About You (Before You Open Your Mouth)

What’s up,

I was just finishing a video for my upcoming product…

51 handsome Guy Secrets. (I will be releasing this very soon)

In the video I touched on a point that very few are aware of.

The video was concerning what guys should wear on a first date with a girl…

And the point i wanted to make was no matter what you do on that date girls are sizing you up.

They have tons of thoughts run in. Through their heads…

  • Is he a good provider
  • Can I see myself marrying him
  • What does he look like naked
  • Can I introduce him to my parents
  • Will my friends like him

Plus I am sure there are hundreds more judgmental thoughts going on.

Either way…

As a man we can control a lot of those thoughts…

you can portray how she sees you.

For example:

Are you dressed sharp?

T his portrays that you care about your appearance, and take pride In yourself.

Are you well muscled up?

You obviously are into keeping your body healthy and fit. This means you plan to live awhile.

Is your hair and face groomed well?

You like to be neat and clean, and don’t want to appear lazy.

I could keep going but I think you get the point.

Being in shape and dressed really well speaks volumes without you even opening up your mouth.

(Check this out so when your mouth opens it actually knows what to say)

Naturally women will find this more and more attractive.

So of you haven’t already…

Start educating yourself on men’s style and fashion. (Or just grab my product 51 Handsome guy secrets when I release it.)

The results of this knowledge are ten fold…

You will skyrocket your confidence.

You will date hotter women.

People will treat you with respect.

And you may even get a job promotion.

Remember being handsome is a choice.

It’s up to you to make it.

Talk soon,


Ryan Magin

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