What Matters Most To Women…Looks Or Money? The Results May Shock You

What’s up,

Today I wanted to touch a little on a subject I find quite fascinating…

The Female mind…

Now if you go with what society wants you to believe to land a very pretty girl you have to be mr nice guy…

timthumb.phpI am talking the whole 9 yards…

Open doors for then.

Buy them drinks.

Compliment then all the time.

Pay for extravagant dates.

An all the other over the top things we are mindlessly led to believe.

Truth is though…

All of that doesn’t matter.

Now before you go off and say Ryan told me to act like a complete dick to women and they would fall in love with me…

Here me out.

(Side note: being a total dick is not a good move for anything. I always lead with being cool first.)

Back to the topic at hand…

If you want to attract highly attractive women into your life you have to understand the basic fundamentals of attraction.

Attraction is what gets your foot in the door and actually gets them to like and talk to you for longer then 2 minutes.

So what is the secret?

Truth is looks matter.

If you are a well built in shape guy then you have a significant advantage over a sloppy fat competitor…

Being in shape portrays to women that you are dedicated to keeping yourself in top shape.

Women also know that dedication also spills over into other areas of your life.

Think high paying career…

And lots of ambition.

But good looks alone is not the answer.

So what is?

Honestly this is why I am so fascinated with the female psychology.

In a recent study done by Mens Fitness they polled 625 women about what qualities matter to them most in a man.

Here is the rundown:

the order of importance went as followed…

1) His intelligence
2) His sense of humor
3) His looks
4) His kissing skills
5) His manhood
6) His salary
7) His car

Now I dont have the percentage breakdowns of that list above but I want to point out a huge factor that I feel is the most important and will help you have success with any women you choose to go after.

(Side note: This stuff also works for married men and those who currently have a girlfriend.)

Take a look at #5…

His Manhood.

I would argue to say that this is by far the most important aspect of attracting a female.

And since you know that all my work is to help you live a high testosterone lifestyle this hits close to home.

When it comes to your manhood there are quite a few factors at play that will attract a women.

Main thing Is your self confidence.

I talk about this quite a bit…

But a guy that has himself together is instantly perceived at a higher value.

A guy that is sure about his actions and with himself does not need any type of pickup lines or methods to get the girl.

But there is a catch…

If you don’t have this confidence how do you get it?

truth is it takes work…

Like going to the gym and building muscle these things take time to develop.

That is why I like products like my good friend Jason Capitol Just released today…

His new product 77 Ways To Make Her Want To F@ck You

Is a goldmine of information to help guys who struggle with the confidence to walk up and attract any women they choose.

Yes I agree that title is very direct and in your face.

But it is also downright spot on.

The entire book is in your face and tells you what types of things you need to know when it comes to attracting women.

This information I believe is vitally important to your development as a man.

Hell I firmly believe that learning how to talk and approach women will help you in all aspects of your life.

These 77 ways will help you build the confidence you need to be awesome.

And that you cant put a price tag on.

So if your curious…

I highly suggest you click the link below and learn…

==> 77 Ways To Make Her Want To F@ck You

It may change your life.

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