What It Takes To Get Shredded

What’s up,

I had a pretty cool conversation yesterday with my buddy

We were talking about goals of individuals and what it takes
to get shredded.

The main thing we talked about was that you have to buckle
down and get shredded once.

Once you get to that level of leanness it is a lot easier to maintain
it then it is when you are fighting tooth and nail to get there.

That is why for most people…

Simply saying “F@ck It”

Then dieting and training like madman for a year will get anyone
to the physique they want.

Now I know a year may seem like a long time.

But I can tell you from experience…

Once you start seeing the month by month results..

You will be hooked.

So if you are not happy with your body right now…

Make now your start day.

Then in a year of following a workout plan, doing cardio and
eating clean

shoot me an email and let me know how awesome you look.

Now go have a kickass workout.

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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