What Celebrities Know That You Don’t

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I spent most of this morning scanning articles about last nights Hollywood event The Oscar’s.

I love these types of event as they make it pretty easy to pick out what is in fashion at the moment.

Now even if you have no care in the world about mens fashion…

You should know that celebrities pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars to have a stylist dress them for these types of occasions.

Hell i would guess that most don’t even pick out there own t-shirts.

Either way…

Like I always say…

The simple act of understanding mens fashion will put you light years ahead of the normal population of people who just don’t even try to care how they look.

my thoughts..


I put the line above in caps for a reason.

why do you think celebrities pay so much to look good for these red carpet types of event?

Think about…

If they always appear to be well dressed then they stand the chance of landing more and more movie roles.

This makes there value as an actor skyrocket.

Now I understand that most do not have the resources to hire stylists and always be buying the newest clothes…

But I wanna let you in on a secret.

You don’t need a ton of clothes to always appear like your the best dressed guy in the room.

At most you could probably rebuild your entire wardrobe for around 500 bux.

Either way you need to give a shit how you look.

Like a celebrity…

You would never show up at job interview looking like shit?

If you have in the past I can pretty much guarantee you didn’t get that job.

So treat your wardrobe the same way you do your body in the gym.

Set measurable goals and attain them.

For example…

Goal #1 – Get a nice tailored well fitted suit.

Then when you hit that goal…

Goal #2 – buy a nice pair of dressier boots.


Over time…

Like your workouts your results will start to add up.

And before you know it you have transformed again.

Now you are always the best dressed guy in the room.

So take a lesson from the celebrities…

Always look good.

Talk Soon,


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