Was Dan Gable’s Training Sadistic?

What’s up,

I was just reading up on a few older article about the legendary
wrestler Dan Gable.

Dan Gable was known to have incredible work ethic…

In fact.

I found some old forum posts saying that he would workout 2 hours
before his wrestling matches and then return for 2 more hours after
winning his tournament.

Now some may call this crazy…

I mean heck it is downright sadistic.

But you cant argue with the results of hard work and dedication.

Another thing Gable preach was the power of conditioning.

He has been quoted saying…

“If it’s important. Do it everyday.”

Now take that in for a sec.

If getting in top shape is important to you then you should do
something daily.

That is why I love the simplicity in doing things like pushups.

You can do a lot of reps throughout the day without cutting
into your recovery and other lifting sessions.

…and like I said yesterday more volume = more muscle.

That is why I created the 100 push up challenge.

I believe that is a benchmark for having adequate work
capacity and conditioning.

So ask yourself this…

Is my conditioning and work capacity up to par?

If not…

Grab a copy of my 100 push up challenge and conquer
that feat ASAP.

Your physique and conditioning will thank you :).

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Just a heads up though…

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midnight tomorrow night.

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