From The Laptop of: Ryan Magin
Location: St. Petersburg, Fl
About: Body Weight Aesthetics (A Bonus For Warrior Lower Body)

As a guy one of the most sought after achievements when it comes to building muscle is having a hugely developed and very prominent V-Taper.

I am sure you have witnessed guys in your gym that just seem to command attention.

I am talking the type of attention where you move out of the way when they walk towards you.

This is the power of having a massive V-Taper.

I personally spend a lot of my time trying to develop the V-taper. For me it has never come easy.

Maybe you are a genetic freak and have this without specifically training for it? If this is you then stop reading now cuz I doubt I can help.

For the rest of us…

We have to train our asses off to get that commanding V-Taper look.

I have struggled for years to get this type of look, and I can tell you from years of trial and error just aimlessly adding size is not the right answer.

You have to focus specific attention to building a wide back and round shoulders.

If these 2 muscle groups are lagging then you will still appear squared off and blocky no matter what.

Just take a look at the pic to the right and you will see a near perfect v-taper…

Now even though the 2 key muscle groups to getting a good V-taper are the Back and Shoulders…

I like to bring up a few other muscle groups at the same time.

Just to keep things in proportion I really like to pay specific attention to the upper chest and arms as well.

The combination of all these muscle groups equally developed give you the commanding aesthetically pleasing physique.

Why should you even care about Aesthetics?

By having a physique that is more proportional you will Get more respect from your friends, look more attractive to women, and generally feel really good about yourself.

Trust me on this…

If you Focus on your Aesthetics you will be rewarded with a huge increase in your confidence.

This confidence will carry over to multiple aspects of your life.

I have been experimenting with a few different types of routines that focus on this goal.

I have a typical weight training routine in the works that I will be bring to you guys in the next few weeks.

But For now though I have created a simple little program called Body Weight Aesthetics.

Body Weight Aesthetics like the name says is a program that utilizes nothing more then a pull up bar and your own body weight to develop the key muscle groups I spoke about above.

Body Weight Aesthetics is a is a 4 day a week program that laser targets the Back, Shoulders, arms, and upper chest to make you look awesome.

How Do I Get My Hands On Body Weight Aesthetics?

I will be putting Body Weight Aesthetics up for sale very soon, but as of right now I have decided to offer it up as a Free bonus for anyone who purchases my friend Tyler’s program Warrior Lower Body Training.

Tyler has created an awesome resource that includes tons of lower body specific training routines you can just plug into any workout.

The body weight ones will integrate perfectly with my Body Weight Aesthetics Program.

You may be wondering what these programs together are going to cost.

Since I am friends with Tyler I have convinced him to put his Warrior Lower Body on sale for less then 10 bux $7.00 to be exact.

So for a little more then 1 cup of coffee from Starbucks you can get your hands on my body weight aesthetics and Tylers warrior lower body programs.

There is a catch though…

My bonus and Tyler’s will only be on sale until Midnight this Friday night.

So if you want these 2 awesome programs for less then 10 bux you better jump on this limited time offer.

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