Walking Depression

What’s up,

I was having my usual Friday afternoon cigar yesterday with my good friend Elliott Hulse and I couldn’t help but notice something…

As I sat outside the cigar bar I observed the people that were casually walking by.

I was not impressed.

Truth is our society still doesn’t take care of themselves.

I mean literally 1 in 10 people maybe look like they have touched a weight in their life.

This is a disgrace.

Even worse all of them walked with a sort of depressed stature.

Maybe you have seen this before…

It is when they slump over and look at the ground.

I jokingly call this walking depression.

I can assure you these guys have really low testosterone levels and I don’t even know them.

They could actually benefit from learning how self confidence effects their testosterone.

Either way I want to do my part…

I want YOU to live an awesome high testosterone life.

Regardless of your current situation right now.

Here is  some motivation…


So go out and enjoy your weekend.

Make it epic.

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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