Do Victoria Secret Models Do Crossfit?

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So last I spent an hour or so of life watching the Victoria Secret
Fashion Show.

For obvious reason as a male I am sure you can relate to why
this hour of TV was awesome :).

But besides the scantily clad women in expensive lingerie I
couldn’t help but notice a few things.

1) The girls are looking a lot more athletic.

Now for most when they think of models they think of skinny,
bony, and underweight girls.

Last night for most of them that was not the case. From what I
saw was girls that looked like they were no strangers to
strength training workouts.

The majority of the girls had pretty good muscle in their legs, arms,
and shoulders.

So without knowing their actual training routines I can tell ya
they lift some weights.

2) The girls know a thing or 2 about carb and water manipulation.

Now just like bodybuilders stepping onto a stage the VS models
are strutting their stuff half naked down a runway.

Not to mention wearing something like a 50lb backpack in the
shape of angel wings.

But with a little observation you could see that most of the models
had a very dry appearance to their skin and muscles mainly around
their abs and arms.

Rusty Moore of Visual Impact calls this the “Shrink Wrap Effect.

It is were you deplete your carbs and cut out your water which
in turn makes your skin shrink around your muscles.

It’s pretty awesome when you get it right.

==> Learn more about the Shrink Wrap

But I gotta say after watching I have some respect for these girls
as they treat themselves as if they are athletes.

And the ones I saw are definitely the Professionals in the game
of modeling.

Pretty cool if you ask me.

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