Use This Tool In Your Arsenal To Get Shredded

What’s up,

Today I want to touch on what I believe is a skill every
man should have…

The ability to make a few really healthy great tasting meals
in the kitchen.

Now I am not saying you need to become the next Iron Chef…

But you still should be able to whip a killer dinner
for your friends, girlfriend, or wife.

I can tell you that more times then not if you are a guy…

And you can remotely act like you know what you are doing
in the kitchen…

You will be perceived as awesome.

Only problem is…

If you are following any type of Muscle Building Diet…

AKA trying to get shredded…

Then it may be a challenge to make something that
tastes great, and is healthy.

I mean lets face it…

I have the tendency to scarf down the same foods daily
because I know the exact fats, protein, and carbs they

And why I am cool with the same seasoned chicken breast
and a cup of oatmeal…

The girl you are trying to impress will be pissed.

So What do you do?

Well I can only tell you from experience…

I grabbed a copy of Dave and KArine Ruel’s Metabolic

This is a giant cookbook with tons of great tasting meals
designed to make you shredded.

And best of all…

Each meal has the exact Fat, Protein, and Carb ratios already
measured out for you.

So there is no guess work.

The killer thing is this…

Until Friday you can get Metabolic Cooking at a huge discount.

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This is like a no brainer type of thing everyone needs in
their arsenal to get lean.

Plus the side benefit of the food you make tasting great.

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Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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