Training Boredom?

What’s up,

Like most of you…

I tend to get bored of my current training routine from time to

This causes quite the debacle.

For me if I am bored I don’t want to train. But if I don’t train I
get no results…

Therefore I Look bad :).

I know…

Shoot me.

I train to look good.

Honestly though…

Times of boredom are when you need to grit your teeth and
stick to the program.

I take some time to revisit my workout log and see the progress
I have made up until this point.

Most of the time that usually works.

For the rare occasion I need a little more motivation..

I change it up a little bit.

For me a few good pump workouts after my main lifts will
leave me feeling amped up.

Some good exercises to focus on…?

Try various Lat raises using cables and dumbbells.

Try timed sets for your arms and back…

(1 min of lat pulldowns and tricep pressdowns are a fun

Just hit your main lifts and then spice things up.

Keep training hard.

The results will come.

Talk Soon,


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