Train Like This For At Least 6 Months

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One of the coolest thing about training for me is the ability to shape and transform my body into what I want it to be…

As of lateI have been focused solely on achieving a GQ magazine type of look.

==> I talk about my training in this article 

This is the type of physique that is purely there to look good.

But the cool thing I am seeing as I train in this manner is the way muscles are starting to look as the body fat drops and I begin to harden up.

This look would only have been possible because of all the years I spent working on the power lifts and heavy strength training.

That is why I have always been a huge fan of programs like my buddies Chris Barnards Total Power Training.

Chris is a really close friend of mine and I have watched him transform himself into a powerhouse.

I believe he can hurdle jump 60 plus inches.

That is crazy explosiveness.

I have also personally watched as Chris trained and transformed the lifes of tons of athletes that come thru the doors of Strength Camp.

To watch the confidence and athletic ability unfold in front you is crazy to watch.

So If you want to build functional explosive muscle…

==> Check out Chris’s Total Power Training

I recommend everyone puts in 6 months with this type of training.

The type of muscle it develops looks awesome as you start to drop body fat.

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