Top Fitness Model Preaches The Benefits Of Slow Cardio

What’ up,

Hope your day was awesome…?

I was lifting today at Strength Camp.


During my last set of ring dips I got to thinking about a question that came in last week.

The Question was referring to my recent choice of cardio…

He asked why I was so against intervals since I am a big fan of the program Visual Impact Muscle Building (Rusty’s Program includes lots of intervals).

Now I have to say…

That is a very good question.

I like how you want to keep me on my toes ;).

But nonetheless.

Here is my response.

I am in no way shape or form against interval cardio.

It is very effective for those looking to lose fat.

Unfortunately due to the intensity of said interval training…

Your weightlifting will suffer.

Your body just cant handle that much intensity very often.

With that said there are certain times I myself would implement interval type of cardio…

1) When rapidly trying to lose muscle glycogen (aka get rid of the puffy look from a few days of bad eating.)

2) When not doing any type of lower body training.

3) When trying to rapidly lose weight for a specific event (even in this scenario I would often just double up on the walking)

So as you can see there is a time and a place for all forms of training.

I just personally think most people would like what they see in the mirror more from committing to a walk your way ripped type of program.

After all…

Just take a look on youtube at the type of cardio of any top body builder does getting ready for a show.

Better yet…

Just take a look at this short 2 minute video of Greg Plitt preaching why he does slow cardio.

So the choice is yours.

I just prefer to do what the best looking guys do.

==> A program like this :)

Talk Soon,


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