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101-tips-flatWhat’s up,

One thing I am super passionate about is the classic
old school body builders.

I love reading about the golden era and different ways
they trained back then.

Truth is though…

Most of what they did was big basic power movements.

You know the good ole staples bench, squat, deadlift, and

But each old old school guy had some unique stuff up his

for example…

Vince Gironda loved his barbell drag curl…

Chuck Sipes always favored heavy breathing squats supersetted
with barbell chest expanders.

This type of thing goes on for days…

I just get fired up learning cool tips to help my training.

That is why I had to tell you about this awesome book I just
finished reading…

==> 101 Pro Bodybuilding tips <==

It is loaded with stuff you can implement today to get a better workout.

Plus it is jammed packed with info from old time lifters.

So check it out… It is awesome.

==> 101 Pro Bodybuilding Tips <==

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