[Tip] Get Stronger First

What’s up,

I just wanted to share with you an awesome tip…

When it comes to your workouts…

Train for strength first, and hypertrophy second.

If your current goals include getting bigger and stronger this year.

You will be best served by focusing your efforts on getting stronger first.

Also by training for strength…

You will be staying in the 2-3 rep range.

This is my favorite range to stay in as it builds muscle density as u get stronger.

==> Here is a great article I wrote about Muscle Density

So to gain muscle you need to get stronger.

Structure your workout like this…

Work up to a heavy 1-3 rep max. <== This is the most important part

Then shortly after do 2-3 sets of 10 at a lighter weight.

This will give you the benefit of both adaptions.

Give it a try…

Go lift some heavy weights.

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