This Type Of Training Will Add lots Of Muscle :)

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One of the best ways I have found to add mass and bring
up lagging body parts is High volume training.

Now when I say “High Volume” I am referring to anything
over your typical 5 sets…

This could be 10 sets of 10…

Time under tension sets…


All of these will really help add slabs of beef to even the
hardest gainers.

One guys program that utilizes this this type of training and  is
massive Ben Pakulski’s.

B-Pak just competed in the Arnold Classic this past weekend
and after some tough comp ended up 2nd runner up.

Pretty impressive feet when you think about the level of
athlete he was competing up against.

To celebrate this Ben has put his program Mass Intentions
40 on sale until wednesday night…

So if you are a fan of High volume training routines…

Or just want to pack on some mass…

I highly recommend you check out MI-40 by Ben Pakulski.

Its an awesome program that will make you look awesome.

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