This Supplement Is Shown To Increase Testosterone In Men

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I was doing some more research this AM about supplements.

I always like to open up my Supplement-Goals Reference guide and just see what certain supplements do.

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Today I was reading about DHEA.

Here is an excerpt from the manual about DHEA.

“200mg DHEA is near the upper limit of what is used to boost testosterone DHEA is very well studied, and appears to boost testosterone most of the time in persons older than 40 years of age.

Usage of 200mg DHEA in youth (18-25, for the most part) is much more hit or miss. It has been noted in some studies, but some studies also come back null. The DHEA pool always rises (indicating absorption), just sometimes this does not translate into higher testosterone levels for unknown reasons.”

It seems this is a viable supplement for males to take to improve there test levels. To learn more about supplements…

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