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If you have been around the lifting block for any amount of time
you know the importance of doing lower body strength training.

The benefits of doing exercises such as squats and deadlift

— Increased levels of growth hormones and testosterone
— Higher levels of overall lean body mass
— Increased levels of strength
— Increased levels of mental toughness

All the things above are reasons you need to be including some
form of lower body strength training into your weekly routine.

If you aren’t…

You are missing out on some substantial gains in muscle mass.

So what types of lower body workouts do I recommend?

Honestly as long as you are including squats and deadlifts
you are on the right path.

But if you like a little variety in your leg workouts…

You should grab a copy of my friend Tyler’s Warrior Lower Body

He literally gives you 45 routines you can plug into any workout
program you are following.

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