The Ultimate Guide To How Your Suit Should Fit

When I first started reading and learning about mens style I noticed a common theme among all style blogs…

Fit is everything.

You could spend thousand of dollars on a suit only to have a guy who spent 50 bucks at the tailor trump you in looking awesome.

Now I am quite obsessed with getting things tailored. I honestly feel there is no better way to show off your style then with slim fitting clothes.

The one thing you should aim to do is get rid of what is called male muffin top with all your shirts. (This mainly applies to dress and and sport shirts.)


(Always strive to be the shirt on the right hand side)

Now you may be saying…

I am out of shape wont baggier clothes make me look thinner?

This is a myth.

I don’t know why this rumor was started and I wish bad things to the person who made this trend stick.

No matter how big or small you are…

You will always look better in a streamlined outfit that fits your body. This may take a little getting used to at first. But just make the commitment and watch as the compliments come.

Common things to get tailored?

1) All your dress shirts.

I take every dress shirt I buy and have my tailor bring in the sides to get rid of the male muffin top look. I commonly tell her to make them a little tight around the waist and stay looser in the chest.

This will allow you to workout and have your weight fluctuate a bit.

On some shirts I also have her bring in the sleeves so they are more streamlined as well. Since I workout though this is very few and far between that I have to do this.

the common cost of this is around 15 dollars per shirt.

2) dress or suit pants

Refer to the picture below to see were your pants should fall.

I prefer a slimmer type of pant. So it is not uncommon for me to make my pants into what some would refer to as skinny.

Cost for pant alterations is usually around 10 – 20 dollars

pantfit1.01 PM

pantfit2.42.26 PM

3) Sport Coats and Suit Jackets.

Just like your shirts you want to have your jackets taken in made to have that slim, streamlined look.

I have had some luck in finding good fitting suit jackets at stores like H&M, Express, and Zara that need very minimal tailoring.

This for me wasn’t an option until I got myself in killer shape.

==> Read about my weight loss here

So for your jacket focus on the way it streamlines your waist and you want a slimmer fit around your arms.

The most important part of the jacket when buying is the shoulder. Reference the pic below to see how the shoulders should fit. The tailor can not do much in this area so make sure you get it right.

Screen shot 2013-11-15 at 1.56.33 PM Screen shot 2013-11-15 at 1.57.53 PM Screen shot 2013-11-15 at 1.58.09 PM

Cost of getting jacket tailored is between 10-50 dollars depending on how much you need done.

I really want to hammer this point home for you.

You must go the extra mile in making sure your clothes fit extremely well. it will do more for confidence than anything I have ever seen.

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Tailoring will also set you slightly apart from everyone you encounter. Most average people do not get things tailored.

And you my friend are not average.

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  1. Dennis Habern says:

    I am a product of 5 years of Marine Corps service, therefore, we Marines

    do not care for wrinkles or baggy clothes, something that the Black Community

    should become more aware of, if you follow. Perhaps the Black Mutt that takes

    up space in the White House, when he passed out free-phones, would have been

    better off passing out free clothes that fit. Both he and 99% of the Black and

    Muslim Communities are a disgrace.

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