The Time Between Sets

What’s Up,

I had a killer overhead press workout yetserday….

Even after my debauchery in Miami over the weekend I was still able
to hit my #’s.

Yesterdays workout called for a set of 5 with strict form at 150lbs.

It felt a little hard on rep 4 but i got it.

Then I hit 5 sets of ten at 95lbs.

then finished up with some aesthetic work for the tri’s and rear delts.

It was  a good session for sure.

Since my lifting sessions are a little boring I have some downtime
between sets to do a lot of thinking.

Hell that time is one of my favorite parts about lifting.

It is almost therapeutic.

The conversations I have with myself between sets I believe are
responsible for a lot of good things I have achieved in my life.

Things I can directly relate to time between sets…

— The creation of 101 ways to increase your testosterone naturally book
— Getting over a tough situation like a girlfriend breaking up with you
— Planning out my days
— etc…

But yesterday..

All i could think of was why more people don’t open there minds
to their own personal development.

I think statistics say the average person reads only 1 book a year
out of highschool.

That is depressing.

Especially with the age we live in and the fact we have Google and
youtube at our finger tips.

I mean hell you can actually sit in on university classes at Harvard.

pretty cool.

That is why I love sharing resources like this, that I know will
100% make you a better person.

Yes the link above goes to my friend Christian Hudson Girlfriend
activation system.

I actually met him a few months back at a conference in New York

And guess what he had by his side?

An extremely Attractive female.

I mean she was top notch model quality.

He introduced her to me as his girlfriend.

And the fact I already knew what product he sold online.

I was convinced.

He definitely walked the walk.

I mean would you listen to a fat personal trainer?

Didn’t think so.

So if you want to have a beautiful Girlfriend…

==> Click here and check out this video <==

If not keep working out and stay jacked :)

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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