The Science Of Sex Appeal

sex-appeal-woman-seduceWhat’s up,

I watched an interesting documentary lat least night on Netflix.

It was called the Science of Sex Appeal.

The documentary looked at studies done by high level universities about what factors attract the opposite sex to each other.

I find this stuff fascinating but one of the main driving forces for attraction was not how good of shape your in…

It was how your face looked.

Now for men the more masculine your face shape was the more sex appeal and better looking you were perceived.

One of the key facial features?


The more clear and defined jaw line you have, science confirmed that you are more attractive.

As for your body shape?…

Well naturally a more toned and healthy body is deemed healthy, sexier, and more fertile.

But just like my friends from Adonis Golden Ratio have been saying for years.

The more you strive to achieve your Adonis Ratio the better and more attractive you become.

This ratio is determined by your shoulder to waist ratio.

So naturally broad shoulders…

And a slim waist line will always be more attractive to the opposite sex.

I know most of this sounds egotistical…

But science doesn’t lie.

You really can strive to look exceptionally better by training in a certain fashion.

This type of training does not involve getting bodybuilder huge.

It is all about training certain areas of your body to make yourself appear visually more muscular.

This is achieved by coming as close as possible to your ideal Adonis Golden Ratio.

If you are skeptical just use trusty ole Google.

You will find tons of info about this ancient ratio which has been used in everything from ancient greek/Roman statues to modern day architecture.

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