The Other 5% <== This May Be You

What’s up,

Man I spent yesterday laying around in bed feeling like I
was going to die.

I somehow managed to lose my battle against fighting
off a wicked head cold.

You see since I am really good friends with Elliott Hulse we
never say we are getting sick.

It is always…

“I am fighting something off.”

This is a better mindset and shows you are not a victim.

You are choosing to fight instead of letting it take over.

Well in all theory I love this mindset.

But oh well I was forced to chill out and be sick for a day.

It was good I caught up on shit TV reality shows.

And read A lot of unopened emails.

It seems A buddy of mine MIke Whitfield has just released
Version 2.0 of his Workout Finishers program.

I gotta say I love the concept of finishers.

Short 10 minute fat blasting workouts.

They just never worked really well for me.

I have always had to still include slow cardio to really see
good consistent fatloss results.

Now this may not be the case for you.

I just was blessed with some weird body type that has to
have obscene amounts of card to get lean.

This isn’t to discredit the effectiveness of workout finishers.

They are tough.

They are fun.

And for 95% of people out there they will work like magic.

For the other 5%…

Include about 10-20 minutes of slow cardio after your
finisher and you will be good to go.

Rusty Moore talked about this a little in his Strategic Cardio

It has something scientific to do with the free fatty acids after
you do an intense interval or finisher type workout.

either way…

If you start doing Workout Finishers….

See how you body is responding.

If you still aren’t losing the fat you want…

Add in about 10-20 min of slow cardio.

That should do the trick.

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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