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deadliftpic563913_195870757246504_1079348798_nWhat’s up,

I have been doing something a little different in my training as of late…

I actually took a break from Deadlifting.

I know if you have been reading my stuff for awhile Deadlifting is a staple in my training…

As a matter of fact..

Studies have shown the dead lift it is actually the #1 Exercise To Boost Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone.

So why did I take a break if it is packed with so much awesomeness?


I have been on a quest to get back up over 500lbs on the deadlift and I was just beating myself up with heavy weights.

So I have taken the last 2 months off and I have replaced it with Powercleans and Bent over barbell rows. (Still 2 very effective exercises for adding mass)

Sometimes from time to time you need a break from certain lifts.

Just make sure whatever else you do it fits into your overall goal.

Which if you are reading my stuff I can only guess it is to be strong, healthy, and look freaking awesome.

To read more about the awesomeness of deadliest…

==> The #1 exercise to boost your testosterone

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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