Guys…Are You Eating Like A Women?

woman_eating_burger_xlargeThe following Is a guest post from Chad Howse.

Chad’s written for publications like Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness,, and The Art of Manliness.

His goal: to help guys become optimal.

One of the methods he’s using is to stop men from eating like women – which is, sadly, how most men’s diets are structure.

Take it away, Chad.

I was pretty young when Kindergarten Cop, starring Arny, came out, but one line from that movie has helped shape my view on diet, and no, it wasn’t even from Mr. Schwarzenegger.

The line in question came from one of the snot-nosed buggers he was teaching in that kindergarten class. The line in question:

Boys have penises and girls have vaginas.

The kid would, at every opportunity, enlighten Mr. Schwarzenegger on the differences between men and women. But what the hell does this have to do with diet?

Well, men and women are, indeed, different. And while these differences aren’t relegated to our sex organs, it’s these sex organs that produce our very different hormones; namely testosterone (for men), and estrogen (for women).

I’d like to change that line a bit to tailor it to my point about nutrition:

Men need testosterone and women need estrogen.

Today we’ll focus solely on the fellas…

Men need testosterone for a number of functions. For one, testosterone has been shown to enhance recovery, so if you want to see the benefits of your workouts, you’d best get your T levels up. Testosterone also helps us burn fat, it aids insulin health and helps us perform better in the sack.

But that’s not where the benefits of testosterone end. T has been shown to decrease the likelihood of depression, cancers, and diseases like heart disease in men.

If you want to be optimal, bringing your testosterone levels to optimal levels is always a good start.

The problem: our testosterone levels are diminishing with each decade. Your T levels are likely lower than your father’s were at your age, and much lower than your grandfathers were when he was your age.

Much of this is due to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, but we’re also not feeding our testosterone like we one did. Why? Because we’re eating like women.

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You May Be Eating Like a Lady (yes, that’s a bad thing fellas!)

Ever walk into a book store and venture back into the nutrition section of said bookstore? If you haven’t, give it a go.

When you’re there, search for a nutrition book for men. Better yet, search for a nutrition book for men that helps guys naturally enhance their testosterone levels. They’re rare.

Diet’s for women, however, are everywhere.


Well, the markets will dictate the services. Men typically don’t care as much about their diet as women do. It’s also less of an emotional issue for men than it is for women. And emotion sells.

So, the nutrition industry caters to the demographic that will buy. And it makes sense to do so, but men are suffering as a result.

We’re not feeding our testosterone like we once did.

Testosterone is made in the testes (hence, testosterone). It’s there where cholesterol – derived from healthy monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, and saturated fats – is converted into this wonderful, powerful hormone for men.

But your diet is likely made for a woman, who doesn’t need to be consuming the zync or fats and vitamin d in the same amounts that you do to be optimal hormonally.

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How Your Current Diet is Ruining Your Masculinity

•    Have you noticed it more difficult to burn fat than you once could?
•    Do you find it hard to build lean muscle mass?
•    Are you suffering from low motivation, low energy, and even depression?

Low testosterone could be at the root of your problems, and your diet is likely the cause. Even if you’re “eating healthy”, you may be eating in a way that destroys the most important hormone in your body.

Most diets, as you now know, are created for women.

This is coming from an insider, I’m in this industry. All of the products and promotions that occur, that make the most money are focused on helping women lose weight and burn fat. They’re emotional about their weight, and emotion sells.

Men don’t care, nor do they buy, like women do.

Does that, however, mean that we should be forgotten and relegated to a diet that isn’t at all meant for us?!

Ahem. Hell. No.

This is why I’ve created the Man Diet.

In this “diet” – and it isn’t actually a diet, but a way of eating – you won’t be limiting your calories, rather, eating certain macronutrients at certain times.

You’ll learn how to, as your ancestors did for eons, eat like a damn man!

You’ll learn how to naturally enhance your testosterone levels, burn fat, build muscle, increase your energy, and bring your body back to where it should be.

  • If you’re older, you’ll feel younger.
  • If you’re younger, you’ll feel better.
  • If you’re weak, you’ll grow stronger.
  • If you’re fat, you’ll get ripped.

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