The Magic Of 100 Reps

coed-baby-shower-gamesWhat’s up,

I get a lot of questions regarding how to bring up lagging bodyparts.

This hits home for me as I feel like I have the worst genetics ever.

You see ever since I touched a barbell I feel like I have had the worst genetics ever.

My arms have always been small.

My shoulders were always sub par at best.

My traps were non existent.

The only thing I had going for me was my huge quads from cycling my whole life.

But I never let that stop me.

IN my product the GQ Body I talk about training lagging parts everyday.

I swear this has done amazing things to my physique.

I recommend that if you have trouble areas you add in my 100 rep rule.

Do 100 reps of that bodypart during your warm up or cool down.

Common things I do…

100 band pull aparts for rear delts.

100 tricep pressdowns

100 DB shrugs.

100 weighted crunches.

Now the trick is these should be easy for you.

You don’t want the weight super heavy.

Just make it challenging.

And do it every time you are at the gym.

Thats it.

Do this and watch your lagging parts grow.

This type of thing transfers over to other areas of your life as well.

Studies have shown that by doing a task for 21 days you are building a habit.

Here are common things I have done to instill a new habit.

Read for 20 minutes daily.

Floss daily (Just started this one)

When I was a shy and quiet guy in my early 20’s I made it a point to approach 5 women throughout my day every day.

(Side note – A video like this one would of been great back then)

I still to this day try to eat green vegetables everyday (They Help Boost Testosterone)

But as you can see…

The do it daily rule expands into other avenues otter then fitness.

So give it a try.

What areas are you weak in?

Talk Soon,


P.S. I got a lot of good feedback from yesterdays email. Did u read it?

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