The Formula Is Simple

photo(7)What’s up,

So last week I spent 2 days in Las Vegas…

It was a pretty crazy trip.

I went to watch my Dad receive an pretty prestigious award in his industry.

Since me and my Dad don’t live in the same state its been awhile since I last saw him.

Needless to say I was quite a different looking person when I walked up and saw him.

It was pretty cool.

A lot of friends of his were there as well and they couldn’t believe my transformation.

Naturally all of them wanted to know my secret.

I don’t think they wanted to hear that it took me a year of hard work. (This is never an easy thing to digest :)

But naturally I did tell them A little about my GQ Body workout and how you can workout specifically to look good.

That is why I created and follow the GQ Body Workout.

To help those guys who just want to look awesome whenever they step out of the house, hit the beach, or suit up for a corporate meeting.

The formula is simple (but not easy).

Follow my GQ Body Workout.

Make sure your clothes fit really well.

And rack in the compliments.

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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