The Exercise That Changed My Life

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I saw a few emails come thru my box today and It had a link to a product I just had to check out…

Now before I tell you about the awesome product I want to share with you a little story.

This story takes place when I was brand new to the lifting game.

I was maybe only 19 years old and I was following the latest and greatest flex magazine routine…

You know the ones that all the steroid infused bodybuilders are supposedly following to get huge.

Well truth is I had hit a plateau.

I couldn’t get above 190lbs.

So I started doing some researching.

This led me to learning about this exercise that was supposed to release the most amount of HGH and produce high levels of testosterone.

Maybe you have heard of it…

It’s called the deadlift.

Now This exercise has changed my life in many ways.

After that first plateau i hit at 19 years old I put in some work.

I went from a meager 185lb deadlift all the way up to 315lb.

Now At the time I worked out in the local BAlly fitness center and they frowned upon anyone actually getting stronger.

But The day I finally picked up 3 plates per side off the floor I felt invincible.

I Also said goodbye to my first plateau.

You see in my opinion the deadlift is the best exercise for adding mass.

It can also be the worst exercise for you at the same time.

If you screw up your form on a heavy dead you can say hello to lower back pain.

Now I don’t say this to scare just to make you aware.

With progress sometimes comes set backs.

That is why I urge you to learn everything you can about the benefits…

As well as the drawbacks of the lift.

So back to that awesome product I wanted to tell you about…

It is from fitness blogger Dave Dellanave…

And he is a badass when it comes to mastering the deadlift.

So give the link below a click if you are interested in:

— Adding lean muscle mass
— Shedding body fat
— Boosting your testosterone
— Boosting HGH
— Learning proper form on the most important lift you can do
— Plus much more
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