The Eastiest Way To Boost Your Self Confidence (Women Will Notice)

What’s up,

Yesterday I sent you an email about what I felt was my breakthru moment of 2013…

==> You can see yesterdays post here

Today I want to tell about my next biggest breakthru…

Learning and becoming a student of Mens Style and really figuring out how to dress well.

This wasn’t super easy for me as I have always kinda had the punk/skater vibe.

So learning how to dress well was very uncomfortable for me to get used too.

But hey like my good friend Elliott Hulse says..

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable”

So I kept at.

I even once again invested in my knowledge and bought a few courses from respected style bloggers.

The result…


Lets just say the attention was all positive.

I constantly get complimented on how I look.

I get treated better everywhere I go.

Heck some of my friends have even paid me to take them shopping.

I will be honest.

I had no idea dressing better would ellicit this kind of response from people.

It is almost as If until you experience this you don’t know the results and how much self confidence it will give you.

That is why as part of my GQ Lifestyle coaching program…

I am gonna teach you what I know about developing your own personal style.

I will bestow upon you the awesomeness that will come when you step up your style game.

Unlike fitness…

Dressing better is something that once you implement you will get immediate results.

Honestly it is the easiest thing you can do to boost your confidence.

If you are single…

Women will notice.

If you are married…

Your wife will notice.

That is why I passionately want to teach you this stuff.

So if you are ready…

I am going to be choosing the 5 candidates for my GQ Lifestyle Coaching program later today…

I have had over 50 people fill out the application to be considered.

Once again…

I am only going to be taking on 5 people.

This isn’t some sort of scarcity plan.

I only have so much time in m y day and do not want to get overwhelmed.

So if you are ready…

==> Go here and fill out your application

I will do my best to contact you within 24 hours to let you know if you made the cut.

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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