The Brutal Truth

Honesty_b0f310_175733What’s up,

I am a fan of brutal honesty…

When I talk to my close friends I don’t want them to beat around the bush.

If I am doing something wrong, or if something needs to change I want to know about it.

Being able to take in a decipher this type of thing takes a special type of person.

Most people do not want to hear it when they are messing up.

I want to know.

And if you read my stuff I am sure you like to act quickly and make changes if they need to be made.

So don’t be afraid of change.

Change is good and usually makes you better more evolved person.

So If you took a look in the mirror today and didn’t like what you saw…

Now is the time to change it.

Are you pumped with how you look?

Are your energy levels were they need to be?

Is your life were you want it?

You don’t have to answer me…

Just answer for yourself.

I just know for the 3 questions above I have solutions…

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Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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