The Best Way To Get Stronger

What’s up,

I just read another killer article over on T-Nation from
the great Jim Wendler.

==> You can read it here

A quote from the article simply stated…

“The best way to get stronger is to add weight to the bar.”

Now I feel as if that could be a metaphor for life.

If you want to prevail at anything you have to keep
challenging yourself.

It has ben proven the #1 killer of all things awesome is complacency.

This could be with your training or in your personal life.

If you want to become successful I challenge you to keep striving
to get better.

Learn more…

Practice more…

Ask more questions…

Just do whatever it takes to keep pushing forward.

Avoid complacency like the plague.

It will keep you small and weak in all areas of your life.

Now go out and have a killer Monday.

Talk Soon,


P.s. Watch this video to expand your mind on what is deemed
the most awesome physique

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