The Best Pickup Line Has Nothing To Do With Words? Find Out What Really Works…

What’s up,

I got a little Monday motivation for ya…

As I was walking on the treadmill this morning I was thinking just how bad walking on a treadmill sucked :).


I said it.

Walking cardio is boring and I could think of a bunch of other things I could of rather been doing at that moment.

But fact is…

You just need to F*cking do it.

Like I said in this article <==

Walking is the most effective cardio method.

Don’t believe me?

Just grab a copy of my Walk Your Way Ripped program and follow it for 21 days…

You will see the results.

You just need to do it.

The habit of of walking for 21 days will do a lot more then just strip of body fat.

It will make you a different person.

Last week I had over 2k new people join this list.

I asked them a question when they signed up…

What are you struggling with?

Most of the responses were in regards to weight loss…

But a large portion said they struggle with approaching women.

Now most asked what they can say to women to make them like them…

Truth is most pickup lines are a joke.

They just don’t wont.

Wanna know what does work?

Working on yourself.

You see… I could tell you specific lines you could say to women and you would get a response.

Truth is though…

By getting yourself in shape (I happen to be partial to my GQ Body Program)

And stripping away of all the excess body fat…

You are making a bold statement.

With out you even opening your mouth women will find you more attractive.

Add in dressing with some style.

And you are one step ahead of everyone else in the room.

By doing things like this you are silently portraying to women…

— I give a shit about myself
— I am not afraid to invest in my appearance (aka: i care what people think)
— I am not afraid to commit and work hard
— I have a hobby other then being at the bar
— I am not a slob

I could keep going but I am sure you get the point.

So I urge you…

Always invest in yourself.

Get in killer shape.

Read and become smarter.

And grow as a person.

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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