The Best Cardio Method For You

What’s up,

I was doing a little reading this morning and low and behold
I stumbled across another article bashing the effectiveness
of slow cardio.

Look i want to be honest with you…

Slow Cardio works.

It is highly effective and very predictable.

Also High Intensity Cardio works.

It too is very effective.

Truth is like life everything needs a balance.

If you are strength training 4 days a week you would most
likely benefit from just 1 or 2 slow cardio sessions per week.

But if you are only training 1 day week with weights…

Your would be able to handle the nervous system stress
caused by intense intervals.

Either way see how it effects you.

But in my opinion stick to the strength training and get your diet
in check.

Its far more effective then crushing yourself with cardio.

But if you feel you must do cardio…

==> This is like the holy grail of cardio books

Talk Soon,


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