That Overall Feeling Of Suck


I wanted to share with you some pretty awesome advice…

When it comes to building muscle, getting lean, building

The #1 deciding factor for most people is consistency.

Now I am not saying the your program and diet are not
hugely important because they are…

But in reality the simple act of showing up to train will
help 99% of you reach your goals.

We all live busy lives and have our share commitments
but what separates the winners and losers are those that train
no matter what.

For example:

It’s Friday…

You head out to dinner and drinks with your friends. The
low key night you had planned is now full speed ahead
fueled by Vodka and tequila shots.

You then get home well after midnight and pass out in
a few minutes.

You now have 2 options…

1) You wake up and decide to skip the morning cardio
due to a massive headache and over feeling of suck.


2) You wake up and hit the cardio or workout you have
planned regardless if your head hurting and overall
feeling of suck.

Those that choose option #2 will hit their goals.

Ever heard the expression…

“You made your bed, now go lay in it.”

Let me translate…

If you go out and make a few questionable choices you own
up to that shit and keep moving forward.

So don’t be a pansy and skip the gym cause your hungover.

Go like nothing is wrong and have a killer workout.

This is the power of consistency.

You will achieve results because mentally you are all in.

Obviously this goes without saying if you make poor decision
all the time, skip this advice as you got to get your shit straight
in other areas of your life.

But for those that slip up here and there don’t sweat it.

Keep training hard no matter what.

Talk Soon,


P.s. if yo are still stuck on finding a good program ==> This is
one of my favorites.

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