Strategic Overtraining

Whats up,

I am getting pumped this week as early wednesday morning I am
heading out to Vegas for a little Vacay with my girlfriend.

So naturally I had the thought of…

“How am I gonna keep training when I am in Vegas?”

Truth be told I hate being that guy who has to hit the gym while
on Vacation.

Call me lazy but I would much rather kick back and chill while

Obviously if I am traveling for any length of time this would not
be ideal but I am referring to the shorter 3-5 day trips.

So Instead of stressing out while in Vegas and getting raped
by the hotels for 20 bux to use the gym for a day.

I am gonna employ what is called Strategic Overtraining.

Now I have been extremely diligent over the last 9 or so weeks
at doing cardio every morning and lifting 5 days a week.

So today and tomorrow I am gonna get a little crazy and
double my workload for the next 2 days.

Then while I am chillin in Sin City I can relax and let my body

So I am guessing my next 2 days will look like this.

am cardio

Afternoon Workout – Chest, Shoulders, arms

Pm Cardio


Am Cardio

Afternoon workout – Legs, shoulders, arms

Pm Cardio

Then its chill mode for 5 days.

I will most likely be eating and drinking quite a bit this week
so I am also going to be employing a fasting protocol.

During the days I am gone I will skip breakfast and have a small
lunch to keep the calories in control.

I really like the Renegade Diet for situations like this.

So next time you have a trip planned give something like this a try.

Talk Soon,


P.s. If you feel a little deflated during your trip bang out a few hundred
push ups and you will be good to go :)

Ryan Magin

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