What’s up,

I hope you guys all had an awesome holiday yesterday
and spent some quality time with Family and Friends…

Cuz now is the time were you need to buckle down.

Lets be real come next Tuesday your gym is gonna be crowded
with a bunch of folks who are high on a unrealistic New Year

I personally don’t get why people wait until the new year to
all of a sudden set goals and try to achieve them.

You can set a goal every single day.


Setting goals is the easy part.

It is actually following thru with them that is hard.

So instead of setting a new goal this year lets spend the next
week finishing up an old one.

And then next week when the ball drops re-evaluate the goal
and either switch it up or keep going.

I know myself and my quest to get to single digit bodyfat is in
full swing…

I would be stupid to set a new goal before I accomplished this

So the next few weeks will be like the others…

Daily cardio and a 5 day split.

Truthfully it is the easiest to look at on paper.

But when it comes to doing that cardio everyday is the hard

Either way I will suck it up and stick to my goals.

I suggest you should try something similar.

Whether it is packing on 5lbs of lean mass before summer
or getting to single digit body fat


Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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