Some Motivation For Ya…

What’s up,

One of things I really enjoy when it comes to lifting weights
is the constant progressions.

You see…

For most people they blindly go from workout to workout
without tracking any type of progress.

I am guilty of this myself from time to time.

Lately I have been tracking everything and each week I
am seeing my main lifts slowly increase.

This does wonders for your mental game and my motivation
to get in the gym and crush it.

Sometimes though workouts don’t always have to be about
increasing your max lifts…

They can also just be there when you need a good swift kick
in the ass.

That is were workouts like Circuits, TRX training, crossfit, etc…

Come into play.

They are designed to just push you into a pain zone that
will increase your mental capacity to attack life.

Fellow Tampa Native Dan Long calls this “KIll Mode“.

Now why I don’t always agree you need to beat your face into
the ground every workout….

A few times a week will def make you stronger :).

So if you need to attack life head on…

Nothing beats a crazy fat shredding Suspension Revolution

They will work muscles you probably never knew you had while
pushing your mental toughness to new levels.

I mean hell…

What’s a hard day at work if the day before you banged out
a deadlift PR followed by 20 minutes of fat shredding cardio

A good workout makes life problems seems like nothing.

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Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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