So You Want To Get JACKED?

What’s up,

Ever walk up to a go into a bar only to get stopped by a 300lb
muscle behemoth?

I am talking a bouncer that when they ask for your ID makes
you quiver?

I swear guys like this make me rip out my walled and verify your age
just so I don’t make him mad.

TO be honest I have seen some bouncers that have looked liked they
could squash me like a bug.

And just an FYI…

I am 215lbs and pretty f-in lean.

These guys have a pretty dangerous job and the bigger
and more commanding they look the safer they will be.

Honestly I never knew about the world of bouncing until I met

You see Teiko has been a part time resident here in St Pete
Florida and training at my gym Strength Camp.

This Dude is jacked…

He has a system he calls Big Man Strong…

If you want to get big…

I mean really big…

==> Check it out

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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