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What’s Up,

Last week I had my first consult with my new Diet Coach…

I am working with Jeff Alberts from 3D Muscle Journey.

They are very experienced natural bodybuilding coaches
and they specialize in flexible dieting based off your individual
macro nutrient ratios.

I am currently daily consuming…

70 Grams of Fat
300 Grams Of Carbs
250 Grams of Protein

Now all these daily are adding up to roughly 2,900 calories
and with some tweaking…

Should have me hitting my goal weight of 205lbs in 15-20
weeks. (That hopefully will have me some abs)

Now Although I could drop weight very fast to hit my goal
I would rather do it very slow and calculated.

This is to be sure I retain as much muscle as possible.

If you are interested in what I am eating…

I am keeping my daily log over at my fitness pal.

==> Click here if you want to follow my diet

You will see I not eating 100% clean foods all the time.

That is why I particularly like the 3DMJ way of flexible dieting.

You are not limited to foods like plain chicken, potato’s, and

They allow you to eat freely as long you don’t go over your
macro ratios.

This is awesome as I barely feel like I am cutting.

I found a good little article about Flexible Dieting by Nate
Miyaki ==> Click here to check it out.

For the most part I am excited to see were I end up.

I weighed in this mooring at 214.8 and I look and feel
visibly leaner.

So we will see were I end up in 20 weeks.

I am also keeping a really detailed log of my workouts.

My coach says I should be hitting PR’s in all my lifts while
following this type of lifestyle.

That has me excited :)

If you have any questions about this stuff…

Feel free to hit reply and ask me whatever is on your

Talk Soon,


Ryan Magin

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